Limited Edition - Blending Gift Set, Not A Perfume

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Experience the bestselling fragrance, Not A Perfume, this holiday season with the limited edition holiday set, which is positioned at the same price as the 100 ml alone! 

Clean, Pure and Unique, Not A Perfume Gift Set is the most coveted fragrance weapon which this year is joined by Lady Vengeance and Vanilla Vibes. 

THIS SET CONTAINS  100 ml  +  3 X 7.5 ml:

  • 100 ml/ 3.4 oz  Eau de Parfum, Not A Perfume
  • 7.5 ml/ .25 oz  Eau de Parfum, MMMM
  • 7.5 ml/ .25 oz  Eau de Parfum, Lady Vengeance
  • 7.5 ml/ .25 oz  Eau de Parfum, Vanilla Vibes