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Eucalyptus Cold Season Relief Herbal Bath

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Do you have the “I think I’m getting sick feeling”? Already under the weather? Sneezing or congested? Soak for 15-20 minutes in the ultimate feel-better-bath with Eucalyptus essential oil. This well-being wonder provides soothing relief from those pesky seasonal symptoms and helps boost your well-being to steer clear of the typical cold weather discomforts. Beneficial during allergy season. Suffering from head and chest congestion?? Combine 1 capful of Eucalyptus Cold & Sinus Relief Bath with 1 capful of Spruce and Pine Warmth & Energy Bath to combat your combined symptoms of a stuffy nose and chest. Make Kneipp bath time a healthy ritual and soak in nature’s benefits. Transform your bath with the healing powers of water combined with plant and herbal essential oils blended to revitalize and restore.