Shea Butter Scrub Bar

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A Patchouli's cult favorite that leaves your skin exfoliated, silky soft, and covered in your favorite scent.  Handmade locally from the highest quality sea salt and Shea butter. 

Years ago, when Patchouli's was a baby in Seaside, Florida, a local woman brought in some home-made soaps for us to try. We instantly fell in love with her creations and she began making weekly bicycle deliveries of hand crafted soaps.  Next came the most amazing sugar scrubs, which are still the best anywhere.  From there she continued on to create a full line of natural bath & body products for patchouli’s.  Today, her solid scrub bars are our #1 selling item.  What we love about the Soap Pedaler is that we can say "I'd love to have a bath product."  Two days later, she comes walking in with something that completely astounds us. She is creative, has a nose like no other, and only uses fine ingredients.  We adore everything about the Soap Pedaler's hand made goodies and the earth friendliness of her local company.